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6oz Metallic Wrapped Balloon Weights (Pack of 12)

Metallic Wrapped Balloon Weights
Pack of 12

Cerise is such a fun color for party decor.  It is the perfect pop of pink for a New Year's Eve party at the club.  This bright pink looks great with glow in the dark and neon decor.  Even if you have chosen a black and silver theme, cerise will look great mixed in.  Choose subtle balloons and then add the pink with your balloon weights.  Cerise balloon holders are a fun, yet suble way to add color to any event.  Retro parties also look fabulous with bright pink, neon green, and colorful shades of yellow mixed in.  For a decade theme party, you could choose a great selection of colorful latex balloons and then anchor them with cerise balloon weights.  No matter how you decide to use them, your balloon decorations are sure to look great.  

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