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New Yorker Tiara (Pack of 50)

New Yorker Tiara. 50 in each pack.
The New Yorker Tiara is the perfect way to add some fun and flash to your next New Year's Eve celebration. Happy New Year is printed in bold, colorful font across a black background. Colorful streamers that resemble the confetti dropped in Times Square in New York city at New Years are an added piece of fun and celebration on this tiara. The band of the tiara is made of foil and wire which allow for flexibility to ensure a comfortable fit around any hairstyle. These tiaras are sold in packs of 50 which is perfect for larger parties. Sold in packs of 50, these make great party favors and accessories for parties in larger settings. Infuse your next New Year's Eve party with a hint of New York city with the New Yorker Tiara.

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