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Soccer Ball Photo/Balloon Holder 6 Oz (Pack of 6)

Soccer Ball Photo/Balloon Holder
Pack of 6
6 Oz

Decorate for your next sports themed event with bundled balloons!  No matter if the restaurant is hosting a sports banquet or a soccer awards dinner, the Soccer Ball Balloon Holder will be the perfect accessory. Anchor your bundled balloons to the holders with curling ribbon for the centerpieces or as a decorative piece for the awards table. Not only does this holder work great for balloons, it will also look great with a photograph or sign. You could use these holders to identify which table your guests should sit at or to celebrate a certain player with their trading card. If your event is more for an adult crowd at the bar to watch the big game, you could use this photo holder to display your drink and appetizer specials! These inexpensive balloon and photo holders are sure to be a fun table accessory no matter how you decide to use them!

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